Accidents Before and After


Too often hazardous conditions come to our attention only after someone is hurt or seriously injured.  If you see an unsafe act or unsafe condition, don’t ignore it and gamble on you or a friend not getting hurt.

If you notice someone working in an unsafe manner, let that person know.  You could be preventing a serious injury.  Wouldn’t you expect someone to have the same consideration for you?  Or, if you see an unsafe condition, correct it.  If you can’t, report it to your supervisor.

After an accident happens, there usually is a lot of talk and excitement. Then it is written up, becomes a statistic, and is too soon forgotten.

Accident Investigation

Fortunately, some good can come out of every accident.  Investigations can produce information we can use to prevent a similar mishap from occurring in the future.  Some persons, however, mistakenly believe that accident investigation is used to put the blame on someone.  And so they refuse to cooperate.

If you see an accident…

Make a mental note of everything that occurred and the condition that existed before the accident.  Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Where was I when the accident happened?

2.         What was I doing?

3.         What equipment was involved?

4.         Where was the injured person and what work was being done?

5.         What was the sequence of events?

Imprint these things on your memory.  Remember that others were in a different position and may not have seen things as you did.

Cooperate in the investigation

When the investigator asks questions about the accident, give the facts as you saw them.  If you omit or change information to protect someone, how can we accurately determine the causes and help prevent the same thing from happening again?  Next time you may be the victim.