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Your First Reaction

This week’s Safety Topic is reprinted from the April 2002 issue of Rock Products magazine. The author is Randy K. Logsdon, Manager, Safety and Health, Vulcan Materials Co. Midwest Division Anyone who has had to learn a new and difficult task understands the importance of practice. Repetition makes the task easier to duplicate each successive time. Eventually […]

You’re Responsible

Every person is the architect of his or her own fortune, and that fortune, good or bad, depends on the individual’s acceptance of personal responsibility. At a young age, we are taught to assume responsibilities. (“Look before you cross the street … playing with matches is dangerous … be home before dark …”) Even today, […]

What you can do to prevent accidents

Have you ever wondered what you can do to prevent accidents?  Maybe, like many people, you believe accidents are bound to happen and there’s not much you can do about them.  Or, you may think that they only happen to the other person.  Well, the truth is that accidents do happen to everyone and can […]

Weather – Why talk about it?

Actually, we have no control over rain, snow, sleet, wind, lightning or sunshine.  But we can control what happens on our job as a result of the elements.  Some of the biggest problems on construction jobs are caused by wind and lightning. Wind probably causes the most accidents; lightning can be deadly. Watch out for […]

Slips, Trips & Falls

Not long ago in a central Arkansas industrial plant, a janitorial helper was scrubbing the steps and floors with water and a cleaning agent.  An observant co-worker realized that soon dozens of people would be going down those steps to their coffee break.  This person then took the proper action to warn others and avert […]


Slips and trips continue to cause us problems. Many of the incidents involving slips and trips result in broken bones, contusions, pulled muscles, strains, and as often as not, embarrassment. Have you ever slipped and thought that you just made a fool of yourself and then quickly looked around to see if anyone else saw […]


Taking Shortcuts Is Common Practice Everyone takes a shortcut at one time or another.  Kids jump the fence instead of using the gate.  Pedestrians cross streets between intersections.  In many cases, a shortcut involves danger. Break the Habit If you have the habit of taking dangerous shortcuts, break it.  In construction work it can be […]

Setting a Good Example

Setting a good example is not a “put-on.”  It is simply working safety into your daily routine at home and on the job. When we all work safely, it means everyone is less likely to get hurt on the job and our futures are more secure. New employees certainly benefit by seeing operations conducted the […]

Saving Your Skin and the Skin of Our Customers

What is a cement burn and what can we do to prevent it? Physicians call cement-related skin problems contact dermatitis, of which there are two types: irritant and allergic. Irritant contact dermatitis – what most people call a cement burn – is a rash caused by skin contact with a chemical or substance that causes […]

Safe Lifting Techniques

Can you think of even one job or occupation where you never have to lift? I can’t. Lifting is very much a part of our everyday jobs. And, because it’s something we do so often, we tend to do it automatically, without thinking. At least we don’t think about lifting until our backs start to […]