How Well Do You Know Your Mixer?

How often have you been at a jobsite, on the road, pouring or even washing down when out of nowhere a hydraulic hose breaks, spewing hydraulic oil all over? Well if that hasn’t happened yet, it very likely will at some point. So what do you do about it? Turn the truck off or simply shut off the hydraulic lever behind your cab? Do you even know that such a lever exists and if so where it is located? There are things about your mixer that, I’ll be honest, I didn’t even know until a couple of weeks ago. I learned not only about the lever and its location but also that some parts of your mixers are not supplied by the lines that the lever shuts off. You could shut that lever off and never even stop the leak. I also learned that in a worse case scenario situation it is possible to control your drum from a spot located behind you cab. So what is the right thing to do? What would our mechanics want you to do?

This safety talk is going to be a bit different in the fact that we are going to go outside to a truck, and have our mechanics show us what they would like us to do in the case of a mechanical breakdown. Make sure that you see what they are pointing out and if you are unsure about anything- ASK!! Even if you think you know everything there is to know about your mixer, you might just be surprised and learn something new.