Power Lines and Ready Mix Trucks

Hazards are a part of Norwalk Ready Mix’s daily routine. Many could cause serious harm or injury, while others can cause death. The job of each and every driver is to deliver a quality product to its designated place in the safest manner possible. Without the safety aspect in place, we might as well have never even left the yard. A number of jobs that drivers encounter have power lines posing a threat. Some contractors prop the low hanging power lines up in order to give the mixer the clearance it needs to get to the pour site. Another method used is a spotter. More often than not, these practices work just fine. But what happens if they don’t? Do you know what to do if a power line falls on your truck? These procedures from MidAmerican Energy tell you what to do if you have a downed power line on your truck.

If there is no immediate danger, take these steps:

  • Move the equipment away from the line if you can do so safely
  • Do not use your 2-way radio. MidAmerican says there is a possibility you could be injured using it.
  • Have someone call 911 and MidAmerican Energy at800-799-4443 right away.
  • Stay on the equipment until rescue workers say it is safe to get off.
  • Warn others away. When equipment hits a line, workers standing on the ground are in the greatest danger.

If you MUST get off the equipment due to a fire or other danger, JUMP CLEAR.

Land far enough away from the equipment that you don’t touch the equipment and the ground at the same time. Land with your feet together and shuffle away, keeping your feet together and on the ground.

As always, if you have a cell phone to contact your dispatcher, please do so.