Fleet Safety Program


According to the National Traffic Safety Administration, motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of deaths for persons of every age from 4 through 33 years old. The statistics are staggering. In 2001 alone 42,116 people were killed in auto accidents. As part of the ongoing safety initiative at Norwalk Ready Mix, the management is putting in place a fleet safety program. This program will establish procedures for driver selection, driver training, driver performance evaluations, and motor vehicle record checks. Employment at Norwalk Ready Mix involves constant drive time so it is important that all employees are aware of the hazards present on the road and are well informed of the policy pertaining to fleet safety. Any questions dealing with the information herein can be brought to either the managerial staff of Norwalk Ready Mix, or the Safety Director, Jamen Hull.

Company Procedures

Driving for Norwalk Ready Mix is more than a job, it is a profession. The employees of Norwalk Ready Mix are professional drivers. We are aware that to be a professional you must be equipped with the knowledge of a professional. For this reason, the management at Norwalk Ready Mix is putting in place procedures and expectations that are to be maintained by every employee. The company procedures emphasized are as follows:

Cell phone use
The use of cell phones while driving a commercial vehicle for Norwalk Ready Mix is strictly prohibited. If you get a call while driving, let voicemail pick up. When you are stopped and out of your vehicle, it is safe to check your voicemail. If you get a call when you are driving and it is an emergency, find a safe place to pull the vehicle over and take the call. Pulling the vehicle over to take a call should be done only in rare emergency circumstances. Failure to comply with this policy will result in appropriate disciplinary action.

Emergency Response

The procedure for emergency response is to first access the situation, involve the proper authority, and wait for instruction. It is important to access the severity of the situation to determine what authority to involve. If you cut a turn to short, for example, and hit a fence post there is no need to call 911. Always inform the dispatcher when a situation arises and they can help you take proper steps needed. If for any reason the situation does call for 911, listen to the instruction of the operator and of course call in the accident to your dispatcher. It is possible that you may be out of range to contact the dispatcher on the radio. Try to get in touch with any of the four plants. Often when your home base is unable to hear you other plants are able to receive your transmission, so be sure to try contacting any dispatcher and they will be able to help you.

Company Expectations
Employees of Norwalk Ready Mix are expected to always practice safety and use common sense. If at any time there is a question regarding safety, contact either the safety director or any part of management and we will do our best to answer any questions. Employees are expected to never drive any vehicle while intoxicated, or on medication that prevents you from legally operating a vehicle. Always practice safety while driving by not speeding, driving erratic, or doing any other illegal act behind the wheel. The company also expects drivers to maintain a current commercial driver license (CDL) and driver physicals.

Driver Safety Rules
Norwalk Ready Mix has safety rules in place for its drivers. These rules include:
Drivers are required to wear a safety belt at all times when your vehicle is in operation
Driver should never pick up hitchhikers regardless of the situation.
Operate your vehicle within the posted speed limits and always obey all traffic signs
All state and local laws are to be observed while you are operating a vehicle.

Discipline Guidelines

If any part of this program is disregarded by an employee disciplinary action will be taken. First offenses will result in a verbal warning. Second offenses will carry a written warning while a third offense can have suspension up to termination. If any employee is unclear of any part of this policy it is important to contact either the safety director or any part of management and we will make sure that all the information herein is explained to you in detail until you feel confident in your understanding of this program.

Inspection and Maintenance

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is a crucial part of keeping it safe. If your vehicle has a problem that is affecting the safety of its performance it should be removed from service immediately. Drivers are expected to inspect the vehicle prior to service and insure that it is road ready. Refer to the Mixer Procedures program for rules on checking your truck out daily.

Driver Training

Training for the employees will involve two phases. Phase 1, which will be reserved for new employees and employees making the transition from a small truck to a big truck, will include ride-a-longs with an experienced driver. In the case of new employee training, the trainer will have a written training packet that will include several procedures and guidelines for the new employee to follow. After the new employee has shown he is ready to be on his own, the trainer gives the new employee the packet to review and sign. When an employee makes the transition from a seven yard truck to a truck equipped with a bridgemaster, the trainer will not have a packet but will be riding along with the employee to answer any questions and to offer any expertise needed. Phase 2 will be the training of the Fleet Safety Program.

Iowa has many rules and regulations regarding the maintaining of a CDL. For example, OMVWI (Operating a motor vehicle while intoxicated) – having an alcohol level of 0.04 or greater while driving, regardless of the type of vehicle can have very negative results. First offense, you lose your CDL privilege for one year. Second offense, you lose your CDL privileges for life. This means that if you get stopped in your personal vehicle and you test higher than 0.04 but less than the legal limit of 0.08, you can still lose your CDL privileges even though you weren’t ticketed for an OWI. A second conviction of any combination of the following offenses while driving a commercial vehicle will get you a 60 day suspension.
a. speeding 15 MPH over posted limit
b. reckless driving
c. improper lane changes
d. following too close (DOT Priority)
e. not carrying your CDL with you.
It is important for drivers to familiarize yourselves with state and local regulations. This can be the difference in having a CDL or losing one for 60 days or even life. Always use caution when driving your own vehicle even if you are off the clock to insure that you will maintain your license.

Retraining will include re-familiarization with company procedures, updates of regulatory changes, review of all accidents, incidents, and citations. If for whatever reason an employee shows that he is lacking in the knowledge of the Fleet Safety Program, that employee will have to be retrained in all the aspects of fleet safety.

Driver Selection

Driver selection of all new employees will include a thorough check of the applicant’s MVR, references, and previous employment. Norwalk Ready Mix along with EMC Insurance has developed job descriptions to be given to applicants and in the interview process they will be aware of our company policy regarding minimum driver requirements, such as CDL licensing and good driving history.

Performance Evaluations and MVR Checks

Norwalk Ready Mix will annually perform MVR checks of all drivers and evaluate driver performance. All accidents, citations, and any other incidents involving this company’s drivers will be immediately investigated and corrective action, such as refresher training will be provided as needed. Norwalk Ready Mix views performance evaluations as a way to keep drivers accountable for their actions. It is in the driver’s best interest to put safety in the forefront of their minds to maintain a good performance evaluation.

Daily Routes Evaluation

There are many ways to get from point A to point B. Every time a driver gets loaded take time to evaluate the safest way to and from a job. The quickest way doesn’t always mean the safest way. If you know that there is road construction on your way to a job and you can avoid going through it, do so. Road construction is often associated with heavily populated roadways, and the more chaos on your route, the more hazards you will face. With the ready mix business road construction is often our destination however. It is in this instance that you have to have alertness and safety at its peek. Use the knowledge that you have as a professional to perform you job safely. Always be aware of other vehicles, machinery, and people when you are driving your vehicle. Also keep in mind things such as low tonnage roads and bridges. It is better to go the long way then to get put in a position that forces you to back up and turn around. If you do accidentally get stuck in a position that forces you to turn around, do so in a way that is both safe and effective. Remember to always use the proper tools such as drop down tags and bridgemasters when you are on the road. As you know when you put a big truck in reverse, the bridgemasters go up. Remember to put them back down when you are turned around, but do so safely. When you are washing down on the road be sure to have your flashers on to alert others of your presence. Avoid washing down in an area that leaves you blind to other traffic for instance on the crest of a hill, or a blind corner. A vehicle could speed up on you before they even realize you are there. As always when you are out of your vehicle on any road, have your safety vest on. If for any reason you do not have a safety vest or if you need a new one, contact the safety director.

In 2001 there was an estimated 6,323,000 police reported motor vehicle crashes. The constant driving that this job entails means constant hazards are out there waiting for some unprepared driver to stumble on. Norwalk Ready Mix has the safety of every driver at the top of the priority list. It is our job to inform employees of the policies that we expect them to follow and also to offer them up to date resources to help obtain this goal of safety. It is up to the employee, however, to use this knowledge and protect not only himself but also others when driving on the road. The Fleet Safety Program has been put in place to inform drivers of what is expected of them. Safety always has been and always will be first for everyone employed at Norwalk Ready Mix.

Norwalk Ready Mix
Fleet Safety Program Agreement

The following is an agreement set up between Norwalk Ready Mix and its employees. By signing this agreement employees acknowledge that they have been trained in and understand the content of the Fleet Safety Program. This agreement is being put in place to help assure the compliance of the program. All signed copies of this agreement will be placed in their respective employee files.

I ______________________ hereby acknowledge that I have been trained in and
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fully understand the content of the Fleet Safety Program. I understand that by

signing this agreement I will be expected to follow the procedures of the Fleet

Safety Program put in place by management and held accountable for my actions.

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