Quality3Concrete is arguably the most important building material in the world today. Our industry is constantly looking to improve the quality of our product as well as being environmentally responsible.

Norwalk Ready Mix uses the latest technology to deliver the best concrete. We use the finest material to improve the properties of the concrete and enhance it through chemical additives which add strength, increased flowability and greater set times.

Admixture Solutions

  • KB-1200 – Finishing Aid/Water Reducer.
    KB-1200 is used in all concrete where ease of placement, normal set times, and increased workability are desired.
  • SRA – Shrinkage Reducer.
    SRA-157 is a liquid shrink- age-reducing admixture which can be used in any Portland cement based product to significantly reduce drying shrinkage.
  • Polychem SA – Synthetic Air (used for low-sump applications)
    Polychem SA is a specifically developed multi-component air entraining admixture which has been stabilized to produce an air-void system which is consistent with industry requirements and standards.
  • Polychem R – Natural Air made from tree resin.
    Polychem-R reduces the quantity of mixing water required to produce concrete of a standard consistency with the benefit of extended slump-life and workability.
  • Polychem VR – Polychem VR is a ready-to-use air- entraining agent in an aqueous solution of neutralized vinsol resin.
  • Melchem – Superplasticizer.
    Melchem is a water-soluble melamine based high-range water reducing admixture.
  • Polychem VMA – Viscosity Modifying Admixture.
    Polychem VMA is specifically formulated to improve the viscosity of highly flow-able mixes, decrease the potential for segregation and improve the finishing characteristics of lean concrete mixes.
  • SPC – Used in self- consolidating concrete.
    Polychem SPC is a normal setting complete-range, water-reducing admixture based on polycarboxylate chemistry.
  • Super-Set – Polychem Super Set is a non-chloride, water reducing admixture formulated to accelerate the strength development and setting time of concrete in cold weather.