The DMACC project was a great experience for Norwalk Ready Mix because this was the first large scale commercial job that we did involving a lightweight mix design. The average weight of concrete is 145 pounds per cubic foot (pcf). The specifications on this job was requiring a 115-120 pcf mix. Also this was a colored concrete so a consistent water/cement ratio was necessary to maintain a uniformed color throughout the floor.

We contacted a business in Kansas that offer an expanded shale lightweight aggregate called Haydite. The aggregate had to be not only lightweight, but strong and durable as well. Haydite fit the bill for all three requirements. We came up with a fluctuating mix design, with the help of our friends at GRT, which changes based on the weight of the Haydite. To help keep the w/c ratio consistent, and also to aide in the pumping of the mix, we used a plasticizer which was added onsite by a Norwalk Ready Mix representative at every single pour. With the added oversight on the job we were able to ensure the best quality mix was being provided. As you can see, the results speak for themselves.