The walls of the building needed to stand out. A special form liner was ordered to give the walls some extra character, but unfortunately, the approved mix just couldn’t meet the challenges the form liner presented. The result was an unconsolidated mess of holes all throughout the face of the wall.

Norwalk Ready Mix proposed a new mix design for a self-consolidated mix that would give the concrete the right amount of fluidity to coat the form liner with a minimum amount of bug holes. Partnered with our friends at GRT admixtures we were able to come up with a dosage rate of Polychem SPC that would create the right amount of flow, and a dosage rate for the Polychem VMA- a viscosity modifier that would keep the consistency of the concrete in place. The engineer approved the mix design after seeing the test wall’s smooth appearance. We also met all strength requirements the job required. Every pour the contractor did for that wall was met with our Quality Control Manager onsite to ensure the proper use of the admixes being used. Today if you go to the Silver Oaks Retirement Center you will see a colorful building placed upon a great looking wall!