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Aggregate Popouts

AGGREGATE POPOUTS What are popouts? Popouts are blemishes in the concrete surface that appear as early as one to two days, or as late as…

Cold Weather Concreting

COLD WEATHER CONCRETING What is considered “cold weather”? For concreting purposes, cold weather is classified as any period of time longer than 3 consecutive days…

Curing In-Place Concrete

CURING IN-PLACE CONCRETE What is curing? External curing involves maintaining the moisture and temperature of newly placed concrete to ensure that the specified strength and…

Plastic Shrinkage Cracking

What is plastic shrinkage cracking? Why do plastic shrinkage cracks occur? How to minimize plastic shrinkage cracking:

Scaling Concrete Surfaces

What is scaling? Why do concrete surfaces scale? How to prevent scaling: How to repair scaled surfaces: